LaserRay™ - Non-contact Thermometer to Measure Surface Temperature


When Precision Matters Most

Men don’t always like to ask for help, even those who are avid barbecuers. In the super masculine world of outdoor cooking, some guys view thermometers as a “crutch.” However, experienced grillers who want to hone their craft—and people who don’t have the time to grill regularly—have realized that having a good meat thermometer in their back pocket can help them avoid disaster.

LaserRay™ was designed to eliminate guesswork. This high-tech thermometer uses infrared technology to precisely gauge the temperature of your cooking surface. Simply point the thermometer at your target and press the trigger—a laser pinpoints the surface temperature, which is indicated on an easy-to- read backlit digital display.

Product Specifications:

  • Instantly measures the surface temperature of your cookware or grill grates.
  • Also ideal for measuring cooking oil temperatures when shallow frying and sautéing—or use this handy thermometer to get a quick read on the temperature of simmering milk, soups or sauces.
  • Gauges temperatures from -50 to 330 ℃ (-58 to 626F).
  • Easy-to- read LCD display with blue backlight.
  • Non-contact thermometer eliminates cross-contamination.
  • Convenient scan-and- hold feature stores your data.

Package Delivery Includes:

  • 1 × User Manual
  • 1 × Infrared Thermometer (Batteries are not included)

Features & Benefits

✔ Works in extreme temperatures
✔ Hazard-free
✔ Instant results
✔ Burns-free
✔ Multifunctional

Want Perfect BBQ Every Time? Measure Grilling Surface to See Whether It’s Ready to Cook On

The most common mistake while grilling any type of meat is to put it on the “unheated” grate. It's tempting to get cooking right away, but even though you just turned on some serious heat with a flick of a switch, you really need to wait a bit to let that heat transfer to the grates before throwing things down on them. Not only does this result in food with attractive grill marks, but it also helps prevent the food from sticking to the grates.

LaserRay helps to prevent this kind of problem by providing the accurate temperature measurement of the surface you are targeting to.

The particular product meets the FDA requirements and is harmless if it is used appropriately.
FDA Class: IIIa - Depending on power and beam area, can be momentarily hazardous when directly viewed or when staring directly at the beam with an unaided eye. Risk of injury increases when viewed with optical aids.
The laser emits less than 0.5mW.
Do not direct the laser directly at the eyes. There is a risk of injury if a person is staring at the beam with an unaided eye.

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