3D Smart Drawing Pen

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Draw and sculpt in mid-air

Have you ever wanted to bring your creative ideas to life in a matter of seconds? Well, now you can! With 3D Smart Drawing Pen, you simply imagine and then create – that’s all there is to it. Whether you are a pro artist wanting to bring your work to the next level, a fashion designer with the need to create 3D models, or a business professional needing to create a prototype for your next product invention, 3D Smart Drawing Pen does it all. It is so much more than an art tool - it is a 3D CREATION tool.

  • Lightweight product design
  • Hand grip designed with comfort in mind
  • Flawless speed control design
  • Heating ring and nozzle plug-in design
  • Adjustable temperature design
  • Intelligent standby function design
  • Easy-to-adjust LCD display

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