Ahead – Hands Free & Ears Open Communication Device for Extreme Outdoors

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✓ Make phone calls hands free & save your hands from freezing when it’s cold

✓ Experience earbuds pain-free listening to music

✓ Enjoy awesome sound quality even in the wind

✓ Keep in touch with your friends with limitless range group chats

✓ Save money on buying multiple devices

Save $$$ on buying multiple gadgets.
Turn your helmet into do-it- all helmet with Ahead Communication Device

Average prices for devices included in Ahead in case of buying them separately:

✓ Child/Smartphone – $500

✓ Walkie Talkie – $50

✓ Activity Tracker – $40

✓ Turn-by-turn Navigation – $70

✓ MP3 Player – $20

✓ Bluetooth Speaker – $30

Total Value: $710


Get Your Ahead For Only

$149.99 USD


Save hundreds of $$$ on gadgets
with do-it-all helmet speaker

Using a phone for extreme outdoor sucks in most cases. You need to take off your gloves to get it from the pocket and make a phone call or change a song; the earbuds start breaking your ears after a long ride; the phone battery is dying fast if listen to the music non-stop… Not fun at all.

Those adventurers who want to enjoy listening to quality music and chatting under extreme conditions will love Ahead. It snaps instantly onto any helmet and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can safely listen to your favourite playlists or talk with your friends hands free. What’s more, Ahead gives you a luxury of 12 hours of playtime on a single charge. Sounds unreal? We know. You’re welcome

If you consider a helmet only as a safety gear - you are restricting yourself from so much fun! Ahead speakers turn any helmet into a do-it-all smart device: now you can make phone calls on-the-go, listen to music, talk with your peers via Walkie Talkie, find your way home with built-in navigation and even track your activities. Whether you bike or ski, Ahead helmet speaker will soon become your favourite gear. No need to waste money on multiple devices if you can have all cool features in one gadget.

Product Specifications:

  • Battery: Stand-by time 3 days/Call 12 hrs
  • Resolution support: 1080P (Full HD)
  • Wireless Connectivity: CSR Bluetooth chip / Bluetooth 4.1
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Charging Time: 1.5 hour
  • Charging Type: Micro 5pin USB
  • Compatible OS: Android/iOS
  • Size/Weight: 2.67in*2.75in*0.92in/0.13lbs
  • Water Resistant: IP56

Put the full power of your smartphone into
Your Helmet

Ahead snaps instantly onto any helmet and connects to your smartphone, so you can keep safe and stay in touch. Whether you’re cruising to work on your vintage Vespa or tearing up the half-pipe, Ahead keeps your ears open and hands-free.

Why Ahead?
Oscillator Conducts Sound into Your Helmet

Ahead isn’t like an ordinary Bluetooth headset. Instead of speakers, Ahead uses an oscillator to pass sound directly into your helmet so that you can clearly hear music, conversations, and other voice feedback from your phone. This works on any helmet, open or closed, padded or thin.

Voice Capture Algorithm

Whether you’re making phone calls or talking to Siri, being understood clearly is important. But wind noise and city sounds are major distractions. We use two narrow-angle mics that capture sound from just in front of your mouth. This audio runs through an algorithm we developed to nearly eliminate ambient and wind noise at up to 60 km/h (40 mph). It’s perfect when you’re riding a scooter or bike, or when you’re slaloming down the ski slopes.

Super Duper Durable!

One of the most important aspects of outdoor products is durability. It must survive in a variety of harsh environments, such as bicycles and motorcycles! Ahead was submerged in water for 10 minutes and still works flawlessly.

LOOK! You can communicate conveniently with rain or snow, and Ahead will not fail at all when the SUV passes. Ahead will withstand every drop, bump, bounce and even impact.

Ahead Works With Any Helmet

Ahead comes with two types of helmet mounts and a special flat mount that lets you turn any flat surface in your home or office into a speaker while you charge Ahead.

Mount Types


Ahead Features

Ahead App

Ahead works without an app and can pair with your phone just like any Bluetooth headset. But the free Ahead app helps you get far more out of Ahead, customizing buttons, enabling push-to-talk, and letting you fine-tune a number of settings. The app is available for iOS and Android.

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