Android Smartwatch with 8GB Micro SD

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Smartwatch ($200) + 8GB Micro SD ($25) = Only $49.99

Seize this Amazing Opportunity And Explore Possibilities of Wearable Gadgets

 Multiple apps with push notifications

3 built in clock themes

Take pictures, record sound, receive calls and messages

Has a built in pedometer to help you measure your fitness performance

Bluetooth connection with your phone



1. Call Function

2. GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 four frequency conversation

3. Dial, hands-free, phone records, phone book

4. Bluetooth connection

5. SMS. Text messaging on mobile phones. Synchronous push notifications

6. Entertainment: MP3, Bluetooth music playing

7. Phone calls notification: Ring and vibration

8. Clock display: 3 ways to display clock. Click to switch

9. Pedometer: Movement step record, calories calculation, movement mileage records

10. Taking pictures: Watch take pictures,memory storage,picture shows: PNG, JPG. Remote control mobile phones and storage to mobile phones.

11. Others: Alarm clock, Calendar, Stopwatch

12. Push notifications (from phone): Twitter, Facebook,Timely information etc. SMS transfer.News, Virtual Client, System Settings information etc. Schedule,Synchronous remind, Set time synchronization etc.


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