HX Folding E-Scooter - For Effortless Urban Commute

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HX E-scooter is a future of urban commuting. This is why smart commuters choose it:

✓ SAVE TIME: Stop wasting your life in the traffic jams. With HX E-Scooter you can easily glide through the car bottleneck.

✓ SAVE MONEY: Ever wondered how much would you save on transit passes? Wonder no more – with an electric scooter you can save up THOUSANDS!

✓ SWEAT-FREE: No doubts, a bicycle is a money-saver. But getting sweaty can ruin the working day. Forget about this problem. HX advanced electric scooter enables you to arrive at the office without breaking a sweat, ready to start your day.

✓ BACKPACK-FIT SIZE: This scooter is designed to make your everyday commute easier: it folds in seconds and fit a standard backpack. Bonus point: it will never get stolen comparing to bicycles as you can simply carry it anywhere you go.

✓ NO MORE HASSLE OF PARKING A CAR: This scooter is a great last-minute solution if you’re looking to get somewhere without dealing with car parking issues.

✓ ECO-FRIENDLY: We all are aware of the environmental impact of the transportation system. We firmly believe that scooters are a big part of eliminating pollution

✓ SMALLER THAN A CARRY ON: For those who like to travel and explore new cities, HX scooter is an ideal solution to save time and money on public transport.

Spend Less, Get Done More

Feature HX E-Scooter Public Transit Bicycle
Average Price $599 $1,500 yearly $800
Average Speed 16 mph 17 mph (assuming there's no holdback) 10 mph
Average time stuck in traffic jams 0 hours/year 42 hours/year 0 hours/year
How much you sweat Very little Depends on the type of traffic A lot

We believe that urban commuting can be smart and rewarding.
Save up to 42 hours yearly for things you enjoy! Afford an extra vacation by saving up $1,500/year by not wasting money on transit passes!

Detachable Battery
Safe To Transport

The Smart Battery Management System

Body Details

Unfolding size: 36.45in * 16.14in * 39.84in Net weight: 19.84 lbs
Folding size: 24.40in * 4.72in * 10.19in Range of load: 44.9 - 264.55 lbs
Widht of pedal: 4.72in Way of folding: quadruple folding
Height of pedal from ground: 5.35in Way of battery disabled: Self locking plug-in
Height of pedal's chassis from ground: 4.17in

Environment For Using

Protection class IP54, in using ambient temperature 0 - 40 degrees, storage temperature -10 - 40 degrees, in charging ambient temperature 0 - 40 degrees. The site is safe, smooth and no obstacles.

Product Details

Motor specification: 5.5in outside diameter, closed tire wheel, DC24V/200W motor Motor drive mode: Sine wave control output
Battery specification: 18650 power battery, DC25.2V/4.0Ah-10.8Ah Riding range: 14 cells battery 3.10-14.91mi
Charger specification: DC24V/1.5A Climbing angle: 10 Angle


Bluetooth speaker: Independent Bluetooth speaker 4 Ώ3 watt, long standby APP: Mobile phone APP displays the system information
Voice warning: Car or other warning sound Flashlight: Highlight LED white light
USB charge: 5V/1A output Display screen: LCD liquid crystal display


Colorful box size: 29.13in * 6.69in * 12.20in Net weight: 19.84 lbs
Accessories: Manual charger Gross weight: 13.86 lbs

Avoid Traffic Jams & The Hassle of Car Parking

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