TailUp™ Doggy Cap

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Sun is Fun.
But Sunstrokes Aren't.

The summer is a great time to talk about overheating of your dear pet. All over the country, dogs are put in bad situations due to temperature. This can happen even in cooler parts of the country and during the winter, so you should always pay attention to it.

One of the worst heat-related tragedies is when people believe the old myth that long fur insulates a dog and keeps them cool. Nonsense! Wear a fur coat in the heat and you will get an idea of what it is like.

With that being said, you probably want to keep your best pal safe and comfy. First, your doggy should be trimmed short, especially in warmer climates. Even with air conditioning, long-haired dogs can get unbearable hot. After that, you should find petwares that could help your friend stay protected outdoors.


Let us introduce to you very popular item among our customers - TailUp™ Doggy Cap

Coolest Protection
For Coolest Doggies.

When you say "protections" it usually refers to something boring and ugly -- at least, that's what we were thinking when we wanted to make this cap.

This cap is everything except ordinary. It's made with deep understanding of dog's anatomy and behavior. 100% natural cotton provides great isolation, while shallow design ensures that your dog will not be distracted.

But we didn't stop there. We made 10 unique designs to make sure that your style and style of your best pal will be recognized everywhere you go.

It also comes in 2 sizes:

  • S: Head circumference 14 inches
  • M: Head circumference 15 inches

...so your doggy can feel comfortable wearing it.

What are you waiting? Order form is above and it takes 2 minutes, but your best furry friend will be thankful to you whole life!

Make Your Doggy Feel Truly Loved
Protect Your Best Friend From Heat and Sun